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Act on Disputes is a Slovak deathcore band, formed in 2014 faced with many changes in both members and sound. Hailing from Nové Mesto nad Váhom, the band has played concerts, festivals and had a tour in Slovakia.

Powered by two 8-string guitars, Act on Disputes managed to make a unique sound, that stands out from most deathcore bands that are known today, introducing technicality, melodic and blackened atmospheres combined with hardcore beats.

Known also for their bass lines, which create the icing on the cake. Vocals are the very definition of hatred, violence, brutality and at the same time, sorrow.

The band is currently under the roster of SMA (Slovak Metal Army), among some of the best Slovak & Czech metal bands.


2015-12: Single ‘Age of Extinction’
2016-11: EP ‘Raw Display of Violence’
2018-12: Videoclip/Single ‘Soul pt. II (feat. Erik Gladič of Abyss Above)’
2021-05: Single ‘Daedalus’ on SLAM WORLDWIDE

Notable performances

2019: Supporting act for Harmed [HU] in Bratislava, SK

2019: Supporting act for Fateful Finality [DE] & Doom Division [DE] in Hodonín, CZ

2018: Supporting act for Muluc Pax [MX] in Bánovce nad Bebravou, SK

2018: Supporting act for The Dali Thundering Concept [FR] in Bratislava, SK

2018: Supporting act for ATENA [NO] in Banská Bystrica, SK

2018: Family Fest Open Air, SK

2018: Supporting act for ELYNE [IT] in Šaľa, SK

2017: Supporting act for STAB [BE] in Bratislava, SK


Tomáš Ježo (Blacky) – VOCALS

Adam Švarko (Anusis) – GUITAR

Jojo Malina (Corpse) – GUITAR

Adam Turňa (Alienson) – BASS

Pavel Holec (Paul) – DRUMS

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